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Music: A panacea for all


Music is a word of only five letters but it is among one of the most emphatic words of English dictionary. Entire world loves to listen to pretty music and the number of people who dislike music will be few throughout the world. Each culture has its own music. TV and Internet have given access to experience the music of all different culture at our home.

If you are tired and unable to do anything instead of sleeping, listening to electronic music will be the best option for you. Listening to a melodious song can immediately brighten your day and move you emotionally. Music has a power to compensate our heart and soul with new energy. This is why, most of the people who do hard work and get completely exhausted love to listen music.

It is the story of three days ago, when I was very much tired and wanted to sleep for a long day but I had to go for an official meeting. I was really not ready to go for. I decided to play songs. I set a music channel on Television. I listened some melodious songs and in course of that time, where my fatigued disappeared, even I could not know.

According to Brigitie Grisanti, “Music is a panacea for happy life.” It is not like that you can only go for music, if you are exhausted, do what you are fond of definitely that will rejuvenate your senses and make you Mr. or Ms cool and gorgeous.

My experience with electronic music


Music lives and remains in my heart and soul all the time. I enjoy various types of music like rock, pop, classical, R&B, etc. Not too long ago I took part in a music party. The party was full of glamour. It was flooded with youth and middle aged men and women. Especially, the zest among the youth was apparent. They were going mad on electronic music and the songs played at the party. Many couples indulged in each other by keeping their arms in one another’s waist.  Many were busy in twisting their bodies with their partners. The music was rocking.  To me, if you were there, you would forget all about your life’s worries during the hours spent there in the party.

When the DJ group played the songs of Britney Spears and Rihanna, youngsters seemed to have gotten lost in those songs. I was there alone, which means I did not have a partner with me, which was troublesome. It was my first experience with electronic music. Now I have become a fan of the music and search for DJ parties. It does not seem good to go there alone. I take my spouse with me and we have lots and lots of fun and like to return late in the night.

Friends, who of you don’t have experience with electronic music, please experience and enjoy it at once. You will go mad and crazy about electronic music like me.